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Keiron Dalton

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Keiron Dalton is Senior Director of Customer Strategy and Innovation for Aspect Software. Keiron comes from a background in software engineering, having spent over 17 years in the IT industry, with roles ranging from technical engineer through to product management. Keiron has a keen interest and expert knowledge in innovation and thought leadership within IT, and has specialist experience in product management, product marketing, hardware/software support, project management, software testing, network, and purchasing.

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Jan 14, 2016    0

Sparked by the internet and accelerated by the spread of smart devices, consumers are more and more motivated to gather information online themselves when solving problems with a product or service. This has led to a new situation for customer contact centres – where businesses used to meter information to the public through dedicated agents, now the public at large is holding the cards.

For BPOs, this can be a strange new world to get used to. However, enabling end customers...