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Bharat Vagadia


Dr Bharat Vagadia is a Board Director of the National Outsourcing Association. He is also a director at Op2i - a outsourcing research, advisory and implementation support firm; the founder of <a href=""></a..., an online decision governance and compliance system; and an advisor to the International Telecommunications Union on policy and regulatory matters.Bharat has been involved in ICT and Managed Services for over 12 years, and has advised governments, regulatory authorities, and businesses in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Kenya, Bahrain, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, the UAE and India. He has a PhD researching the interplay of legal contracts and trust in outsourcing relationships, an MBA, LLM, B-Eng and DipM.Bharat is a member of <em>Outsource</em>'s Editorial Board