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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 24, 2017

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Catch the growth in case of internal resources shortage

  • On June 23, 2015



Every experienced company knows that successful release and even positive feedback from the market are just the first step in a product lifecycle. It is always followed by a great deal of comments, reviews, and customer requests. And even large companies do not always have enough resources to develop and implement all improvements and new features. The correct and most effective solution in this situation is to outsource these tasks to an external team of qualified R&D and QA specialists. A striking example of this approach – a project outsourced to Apriorit, advanced software research and development company – is described below.

VisionWorks Solutions, a Canadian innovative backup and related technologies development company, had a backup solution that had got a good market response. According to the customer requests, the team prepared a list of product improvements and new features, in particular features of backup and restore of various data types, including databases and locked files. Also, it was planned to integrate some advanced technologies, like VSS (Volume Snapshot Service or Volume Shadow Copy Service or Shadow Copy).

But at that moment, VisionWorks Solutions did not possess sufficient in-house resources to develop the project quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, it was necessary to complete the project entirely and in short terms to gain customers’ confidence and increase sales efficiency.

The plans supposed to include files of various types into the backup scope, and each of them required its own approach. Besides, it required an intensive work with 3rd-party APIs, which were poorly documented in most cases. So, the project required heavy research.

As VisionWorks Solutions had already had positive experience of working with Apriorit, they decided to entrust this project to a proven contractor, and Apriorit specialists justified their confidence.

Apriorit formed a team of narrow experts, performed heavy research work, and chose a plugin strategy, which allowed the team to build work around small and big releases, thus making the process more predictable. When a new plugin was integrated, a small internal release appeared; a certain range of improvements resulted in a new product version.

VisionWorks Solutions fully satisfied its customers’ needs with new releases and quickly got market response. Each new product version release caused sales growth.

This backup and restore product is still interesting to customers and drives stable revenue to the VisionWorks Solutions.

To get more details on the project, take a look at the Apriorit Case Study

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