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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | July 22, 2017

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Colombia gets sniffy with EDS

Outsource Magazine

Colombia’s comptroller general’s office (CGR) has cancelled a $10 million contract with EDS for not meeting deadlines for an application upgrade process, according to Colombian press reports.

EDS is accused of not delivering software despite the comptroller’s office paying an £8 million advance. The comptroller’s IT upgrade project involved $42 million in total financed with resources from the Inter-American Development Bank. Some $10 million was budgeted for applications upgrades, $10 million for hardware and training and $22 million to lay off 1,700 employees.

The country’s comptroller general Julio César Turbay said that his predecessor had allowed EDS to delay the project six times. “When I took this position, [EDS] tried to postpone the contract for a seventh time and we suspended the contract for three months so the firm could prepare a chronogram specifying how they will proceed and the final deadline to deliver the applications. But the deadline arrived and they did not show anything,” Turbay said.

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