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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 21, 2017

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From miner to major

Outsource Magazine

This publication and website have sometimes sounded the warning note about how people react to being transferred out of the organisation that they thought they were working for as part of an outsourcing deal. But, just as the outsource arrangement can refresh and reinvigorate the process that is outsourced, so too can individuals who transfer with the work under TUPE terms find that they are presented with a new and exciting opportunity to burnish talents that they may not previously have realised they had.

In this light, the story of Bob Scott, a former coal mine worker who transferred when parts of the process were outsourced to Hoskyns (now part of Capgemini) is one of inspiration and shows how, with a positive attitude on both sides, everybody can gain when work and workforce transfer to a new business as part of an outsourcing arrangement. As increasing numbers of public sector workers find themselves part of TUPE transfers to private sector outsource servcie providers, it would be as well if those providers could bear in mind that nothing is likely to better please the tranferees than to find that the new situation offers opportunities for them to flourish in ways that they might not have previously considered.

Bob’s story has been chronicled for all to read.

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