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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 20, 2017

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IBM opens cloud computing centre

Outsource Magazine

IBM has opened a cloud computing centre in India’s IT hub here to host computing activities for enterprises, provide access to expertise and infrastructures for clients to design and deploy applications.

“When the network is tapped, the power of thousands of computers can come together to access information or data in seconds. Our cloud computing is based on open standards and open source software which is a family of ready-to-use platform with systems technology and services,” said IBM India software lab vice-president Ponani Gopalakrishnan.

One of 13 such facilities worldwide, the IBM centre will give enterprise clients, including mid-market, universities and government organisations access to resources they need to pilot cloud infrastructure and applications to deliver innovative services to their customers.  “This computing model allows businesses and consumers alike to remotely access a vast computing resource that can be tapped on-demand to deliver next-generation services that consumers demand such as online medical records or mobile stock portfolio management,” Gopalakrishnan said.

The IBM facility will also help enterprises looking to transform their data centre for service delivery and innovation and start-up businesses that do not have or cannot afford to build new infrastructure.  “We are already collaborating with partners, government and academia in other emerging countries to facilitate innovation supported by a cloud infrastructure. In India, clients such as mid-market vendors, academic institutions, telecos and government bodies will be able to access the centre to service their customers,” IBM India Ltd managing director Shanker Annaswamy said.  “Clients in India will be able to leverage the cloud computing infrastructure to run proof of concepts, get help to design their own cloud infrastructure and have access to experts who can help them deploy them behind firewalls.”

“The convergence of personally empowering technologies into consumer hands is changing consumer behaviour and expectations,” added  Gopalakrishnan.  “Cloud computing offers an answer for many of these needs and allows an organisation to reduce costs through better utilisation, reduced administration and infrastructure costs and faster deployment cycles.”

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