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Run and Transform: Application Services and the New Sourcing Paradigm

Posted: 06/17/2016 - 06:02

partner-supplied-content   Once a peripheral topic at board meetings, technology is increasingly becoming a core element of business strategy and corporate identity. “Google” as a verb, “digital” as a noun and the “uberification” of everything underscore the extent to which technology has disrupted and redefined the way business leaders approach their jobs. In this environment, effective IT outsourcing is more important than ever, and while cost reduction remains a priority, enterprises increasingly focus on leveraging technology to aid competitive differentiation and foster innovation, open new channels of service delivery, expand and penetrate customer base and foster revenue growth. In response to these imperatives, many organizations are adopting a management approach to application services that makes a specific distinction between “Run the Business” application services on the one hand, and “Transform the Business” services on the other. Characterized by different operational and organizational structures as well as specialized processes, methods and metrics, this “bi-modal” model is designed to optimize the security and stability of IT operations, while at the same time enabling agility, flexibility and rapid response to changing business requirements. This Alsbridge white paper — co-authored by Wipro’s head of Application Management Services — examines key trends shaping the “Run” and “Transform” streams of IT organizations, focusing specifically on implications for sourcing strategy as they relate to Application Development and Maintenance Services. To register to read this white paper, click here.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: In December 2016 Alsbridge was acquired by Information Services Group (ISG). To avoid confusion and for the purposes of historical integrity, Outsource has kept all references to Alsbridge in place, on all content published prior to the date of acquisition.] Alsbridge is a management consulting firm that helps companies improve operations, reduce costs and optimize service provider relationships. With over 300 consultants globally, Alsbridge has worked with over 40% of the Fortune 500 and currently advises over 200 clients a year on over $11b in spend. We apply operational data and market insight to help clients align sourcing strategies to business requirements, negotiate contracts at fair market prices and improve governance and vendor management. Services comprise Sourcing Advisory, Network, Transformation and Cloud, IT Asset Management, Benchmarking, Vendor Management and Governance and Intelligent Process Automation Advisory. Contact us to learn more.

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