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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 19, 2017

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Outsource 30 – Golden Age? (Winter 2012)

Outsource 30 – Golden Age? (Winter 2012)
Outsource Magazine

Nine issues ago, when the new-look Outsource was relaunched, we led with a look at the implications for UK outsourcing of the advent of the new coalition government. Now, more than two years later, what’s changed? In this issue’s cover story, Dr Bharat Vagadia examines the state of the nation’s public sector and the challenges facing those looking to extend and expand the state’s use of the outsourcing model. Read more from page 12.

Elsewhere this issue we’ve got some very special content indeed: the return of Mark Hillary (p20) and Deborah Kops (p32) to Outsource, with the former giving us an exclusive look at his new sequel to his highly successful book Who Moved My Job?; we’ve got expert commentary on the electronic invoicing (p44), CRM (p66) and ADO (p74) spaces; a compelling interview with the BBC’s CTO, John Linwood; an outsider’s look into the arcane world of F&A BPO; a review of legal considerations when offshoring to India; and so much more superb thought leadership it’s hard to know where to begin.

Throw in our regulars like exclusive research content from our friends at NelsonHall, our light-hearted look at outsourcing via the Back End, and of course our regular update from our partners at the NOA, and you’ve got another unputdownable (we hope!) issue of your favourite outsourcing publication. As always, we thrive on your feedback so please send any comments you may have to me at – and enjoy the magazine! (And remember: if you’re reading this in digital format all the URLs are clickable…)

Jamie Liddell

PS: If you’d like to find out who won our The Professionals competition for 2012, don’t wait another minute: go straight to page 90…

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