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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | July 20, 2017

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Outsource Reads

Welcome to Outsource Reads, a unique book club and discussion forum bringing the Outsource community the best long-form thought leadership from around the space…

Driving conversation through this site and our LinkedIn group, Outsource Reads takes readers through one book at a time every couple of months, bringing out the major themes and inviting discussion from the Outsource community, which will contribute to a series of articles released over the course of each period of study.

Carefully selected reviewers will also provide longer commentaries on each Outsource Reads subject at intervals over each engagement, whilst the authors themselves will supply content in a variety of formats – and will appear on one of our monthly oNexus webinars at the end of each discussion period.

Our current Outsource Reads book is The Outsourcing Conundrum, by Outsource columnist Damian Scallon.




From the book:

“For the past few decades, companies have turned more and more to outsourcing non-core activities in order to establish a competitive advantage. A growing trend in outsourcing is ‘inside-outsourcing’ where a supplier performs services inside a customer’s physical location, working side by side with the customer’s workforce.

“Many services fall into the ‘inside-outsourcing’ category, such as groundskeeping, cleaning, light maintenance, logistics, small production support, IT and administration. The proximity between the customer’s workforce and the service provider adds a level of complexity to successful service delivery. As the trend towards outsourcing continues – and particularly as inside-outsourcing grows – both those who supply and those who buy desperately need to align on the larger, strategic business reasons and purpose for why a service is being outsourced. A company’s ability to choose the right partners to outsource to, partners who have a tried and true model to navigate, has never been more important.

The Outsourcing Conundrum provides an inside-outsourcing service provider (IOSP) with that model, a step-by-step path, to align the provision of services to a customer’s purpose for outsourcing, and thus gain true, lasting competitive advantage by building strong partnerships with their customers.”

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