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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 18, 2017

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System Rollback Solution: Restore System Remotely Using Stable Disk Images

  • On November 11, 2014



Apriorit and Fractalia, a Spanish IT company, a leader in robust and effective solutions for managing and controlling large networks of computers, started their partnership with a project of developing a software fault tolerance solution for specialised and universal internet access points. The Apriorit team came up with a product that builds stable system state images and allows remote management of the rollback to them. This project is a striking example of low-level development outsourcing task.

Fractalia was participating in the big project of deployment of the international network of kiosks – specialised and universal internet access points situated at public places like airports or trading malls.The question of software fault tolerance was on the agenda.

Providing uninterrupted kiosk functioning was not an easy task. In case of system failure, it would take a qualified specialist a lot of time to get to the kiosk, research the situation, and perform corresponding actions to fix the system. To resolve this task, a standalone application project was proposed. This application was to have its own GUI and work with hard drive on low-level providing the option to rollback all recent changes and return the system to the stable state after the next restart.

At that time, the Fractalia development team did not have enough knowledge and expertise in the specific tech areas required to implement the project. The company decided to outsource the project to a highly qualified professional team in this competence scope. Apriorit had all the required skills and provided the portfolio that completely matched the project tasks.

After the project vision was approved and a basic estimate provided, Apriorit formed a team of developers and researchers to cooperate closely with the business requirement team and project managers of Fractalia.

Due to the intense communication and agile development process, all emerged technical challenges were successfully resolved. The Apriorit team had to work in a very limited time frame to let the client report on the next general project stage on time, so the process was built mainly around forced research with parallel quick-release development.

After the half-year long project, the client was provided with a working prototype that successfully passed acceptance testing and became a part of the Fractalia general project.

“That was a challenging project, and our expertise in low-level work with disk and system helped us to complete this case,” said Oleg Shomonko, Apriorit Development Director.

The developed prototype successfully solved the task: it shortened the station downtime and made the developed international kiosk network more fail-safe as regards software troubles.

Created within the admissible terms, this prototype allowed Fractalia to report on the corresponding stage of the project with the international telco and get financing for the next stages.

With this project, Fractalia and Apriorit started a long-term partnership.

To get more details on the project, take a look at the Apriorit Case Study at

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