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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 23, 2017

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Why multiplying compliance risks demand a calculated strategy

May 10, 2017 |

In the past, compliance risk was a top-of-mind issue among select industries: regulators appeared to have banking and financial services, along with energy and extractives, under a constant microscope. But as supply chains expanded across oceans and continents, and countries … Read More

TOP TEN: (More) Outsourcing Acronyms

December 9, 2016 |

A couple of months back, we published our Top Ten Outsourcing Acronyms – a piece that had been a long time brewing, after we’d initially put out a call for entries the previous year. Well, as seems frequently to be … Read More

How to spot the warning signs of procurement fraud

November 6, 2013 |

The recent 2013 Kroll Global Fraud Report revealed that 70 per cent of companies across the world had suffered losses as a result of fraudulent activity last year. According to the report, procurement fraud was the fastest growing category, up … Read More

Bribery, corruption and outsourcing responsibility

December 6, 2011 |

In the current economic environment the move towards outsourcing, particularly offshore, is unsurprisingly attractive. Suppliers, staff or distributors may be cheaper, know how to navigate a foreign business culture or language and have demonstrated success and contacts in a highly … Read More

Who’s Bribing Whom?

September 28, 2011 |

This article originally appeared in Outsource Magazine Issue #25 Autumn 2011

What have tickets to the men’s Olympic 100m final got to do with outsourcing?  While this may sound like the opening line to a bad joke, it is actually … Read More

The Bribery Act: one month on…

July 29, 2011 |

The new Bribery Act came into force recently in a bid to stamp out corruption and bring the UK in line with international anti-corruption legislation.

Perceived by some to be a diluted approach to combating bribery within businesses, the Act … Read More