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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 21, 2017

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Navigating the uncertain new world of outcome-based outsourcing

March 14, 2016 |

The days of paying supply chain outsourcers by number of FTEs are on their way out. In that purely cost-based model, the OEM’s interests – keeping hours low to contain costs – are inherently pitted against their managed service provider’s … Read More

Cream of the Crap

March 4, 2015 |

This is a continuation of the article ‘It’s not in your budget… seriously…‘.


On my Monday morning drive to Indiana, I reflected on an article I read over the weekend which validated a recent feeling I had about our … Read More

Separating the wheat from the chaff among engineering service providers

November 10, 2014 | 1

If you are associated within the R&D, Product Development (PD) or Purchase function of a global manufacturer, you are likely to have encountered a person calling himself a representative of an engineering services provider. However, a careful look at the … Read More

Visions of the Future: The Next Decade in BPO

July 5, 2013 | 2

This article originally appeared in Outsource magazine Issue #32 Summer 2013.

This is an extraordinary time for the BPO space, with huge leaps in business technology, process, and theory taking place against the backdrop of tumultuous economic conditions, the ongoing … Read More

Bringing suppliers to the forefront of offshore-led product development

February 28, 2013 |

Currently the world is witnessing a gradual shift in a number of factor advantages held by demographics. This has been triggered by a shift in the profile of corporations and the products and services resulting out of them. Moreover, there … Read More