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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 19, 2017

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Q&A: Marcos Jimenez, Softtek North America

May 8, 2017 |

Marcos Jimenez is the CEO of the North American division of Softtek, a global IT provider and a leading player in Western Hemisphere nearshoring. We got together with Marcos recently to get his thoughts on trends in the sourcing market, … Read More

Cognitive solutions: beware the black box and big promise

April 13, 2017 |

In a maturing market, buyers are becoming increasingly aware that the umbrella term “intelligent automation” comprises a broad spectrum of functionality, ranging from teachable bots that execute repeatable and scripted tasks, to more advanced cognitive tools that apply pattern recognition … Read More

Is RPA a roadblock to digital transformation? What CIOs need to know

April 3, 2017 | 2

Robotic process automation (RPA) is all the rage these days, and with good reason. Software bots that replicate the way humans perform repetitive, rule-based tasks are driving significant cost savings and productivity increases. For as little as $10,000 a year, … Read More

What your suppliers aren’t telling you (and why you should worry)

February 27, 2017 |

In a multi-partner service delivery model, transparency and visibility are essential to an effective security and supplier risk management (SRM) strategy. Yet a wide range of evidence suggests that this transparency is sorely lacking in many cases.

According to a … Read More

Q&A: Alejandro Camino, Softtek

December 14, 2016 |

Alejandro – Alex – Camino is the CMO of Mexico-based IT provider Softtek, and a prominent and increasingly influential thought leader in the Western Hemisphere’s nearshore sector (including playing a key role in the development and growth of theLatAm Alliance). … Read More

Change management today: best practices for the modern enterprise

October 14, 2011 |

I. Introduction: Preparing for change

In a world that is evolving faster than ever, change often seems both out of reach and hard to swallow. More specifically, changing the way people in an organisation work almost always requires changes in … Read More

How outsourcers manage human capital (Part 2)

February 24, 2011 |

Outsourcers continue to enter new markets requiring them to make decisions on management styles.  Do they keep with their home business culture, spreading it across the world or adapt to local needs?

This is the second part (read the first … Read More

How outsourcers manage human capital

February 2, 2011 |

Thanks to the recession, most organisations have changed the way they hire, resisting permanent hiring, fearing commitments may be rescinded if the economy fails to cooperate.

Outsourcers, however, have continued to hire and build their organisations by moving into additional … Read More