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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | July 25, 2017

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The Future of RPO: how maturing relationships are the key to RPO success

The Future of RPO: how maturing relationships are the key to RPO success
Jamie Liddell

In the third part of our video roundtable series ‘The Future of RPO 2015‘, our panel looks at how the relationship between buyers and providers of RPO services is evolving – and how this is affecting the kind of deals now coming to the table.

As the RPO space matures, so too do the models and structures set up to deliver this critical service – and this maturation is happening extremely quickly. As panellist Whitney Leaman of ADP RPO says, “Over time RPOs have become the innovation engine for recruiting in general… What five years ago was a very transactional partnership has evolved into a complex and consultative relationship, and we’re now able to act as true partners to the business.”

This is being enabled by a good number of factors, including the increased acceptance and understanding amongst buyers of the outsourcing model generally; increasingly sophisticated offerings and communication on the part of suppliers; and, crucially, the deepening of existing relationships through second- and third-generation agreements. As PA Consulting Group’s Carol Haag points out: “Where clients have had a longer-standing relationship with their provider, it’s a much healthier relationship for the business because they can see them as a leader in the technology base that they need.”

With longer relationships also comes a greater understanding of the business’ requirements. While, as Jeanne MacDonald of Futurestep points out, “Typically a first-generation buyer is buying because of cost, scale or time,” later deals tend to include a much greater degree of sophistication in terms of objectives and methods. Only once a true partnership is established, it seems, and credentials proven, are buyer companies able to start leveraging the true power of the RPO model.

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