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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | August 19, 2017

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The Future of RPO: how new behaviours amongst applicants are transforming hiring

The Future of RPO: how new behaviours amongst applicants are transforming hiring
Jamie Liddell

In the second chapter of our video roundtable on ‘The Future of RPO‘, our panel examine changing behaviours amongst applicants and potential hires. Much of the evolution of RPO – and of recruitment generally – is being driven by shifts in the way people are finding, and applying for, vacancies (often as a result of new technological capabilities as discussed in our first chapter). Hiring companies now have to take into account a much broader spectrum of platforms and increasingly complex demands and assumptions on the part of the talent they are seeking
to acquire.

Our panel – featuring Jeanne MacDonald of Futurestep, Jerry Wright of WilsonHCG, Whitney Leaman of ADP RPO and Carol Haag of PA Consulting Group, along with myself – explore some of these new behaviours and ask how RPO providers can leverage their expertise and economies of scale to bring hiring companies closer than ever before to potential hires.

In particular we look at how organisations need to respond simultaneously to the needs of very different generations – from the Baby Boomers to the Millennials – comprising professionals at very different stages of their careers; and to a swathe of very different regional economic and demographic patterns impacting upon resource demand and capacity. As Jerry Wright points out, the after-effects of the financial crisis may still be being felt acutely in some areas, but we’re already witnessing the onset of a new war for talent: can firms respond effectively without working with third-party specialists for whom a holistic understanding of the various talent landscapes is a core competency?

You can register to watch this unique video round table here – and as always I would love your feedback at…

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