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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 21, 2017

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Video Roundtable: The Future of RPO 2015

Video Roundtable: The Future of RPO 2015
Jamie Liddell

The world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing – and indeed hiring generally – is evolving at an extraordinary pace, driven by new technology, new partnership models, new applicant behaviours and the increasing depth of capability exhibited by the leading suppliers in the space.

To get a better understanding of these changes and their ramifications for all aspects of the hiring process and those involved in it, Outsource has partnered with Futurestep, WilsonHCG and ADP RPO to produce an exclusive series of video roundtables collectively entitled “The Future of RPO 2015”. The films comprise the following distinct chapters, each useful individually or as part of the whole:

  • Chapter 1: New Technology – How is technology causing a recruitment revolution – and what further disruption is coming?
  • Chapter 2: New Behaviours – How are RPO suppliers reacting to rapidly changing behaviour on the part of applicants and the broader talent pool?
  • Chapter 3: New Relationships – How is the buyer/provider relationship developing and what are the ramifications for outsourcing agreements and those charged with implementing them?
  • Chapter 4: New Horizons – And what else lies around the corner for RPO?

These four films – each with a running time of approximately 15 minutes – look at the key trends at play in RPO today and where they’re going over the next few quarters, and together form a unique resource for anyone working in and around RPO and recruitment more broadly.

To register to view these exclusive video roundtables, simply click here.

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