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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 21, 2017

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Trustmarque deal is progress

Outsource Magazine

Evidence that there may be a chink of the light of realism being allowed into UK public sector IT contracts comes with the news that Trustmarque Solutions has been selected as a chosen partner for the public sector by Buying Solutions, the national procurement partner for UK public services.  In succeeding in their bid, Trustmarque had to prove their value against a line up of strong IT vendors. As a result, they have been awarded trusted and preferred advisers and provider’s status to both central civil government and the wider public sector.

Nobody who has been awake at any time during the past decade or more would pretend that UK public services are any good at buying IT of any kind and, invariably, if there has been a wrong way to go, that will the way the UK governemnt department will have chosen. It is to be hoped that, by divorcing the IT procuremt process from the politics and prejudices, the public sector will start to get IT solutions based on functionality and proven track record (even ‘best price’!) rather than the ‘these people used to work for us, so they must be good,’ or ‘they’re not American, so they can’t be all bad’ outlooks that too often guided decisions in the past.

Time will tell and Trustmarque deserve a fair wind in taking on the task. The firm will be proactively going back to its public sector customers both past, present and potential to show how it can continually drive business value and deploy software to reduce cost.

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