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Outsource magazine: thought-leadership and outsourcing strategy | September 21, 2017

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What every enterprise needs to know when selecting smart partners

What every enterprise needs to know when selecting smart partners
Outsource Magazine

Over the past few articles, I’ve been examining the evolving nature of IT outsourcing and how one size does not fit every requirement. Enterprises should feel confident that their chosen community of partners can deliver the expertise and service excellence required to support digital transformation.

Many organisations forget that IT outsourcing partners should add value to their business, but overall program control should be kept in-house. Businesses need smart digital partners that can:

  • Show an understanding of how to use technology to spot potential market opportunities.
  • Work effectively alongside other ecosystem partners — rather than wanting to own the whole landscape.
  • Demonstrate that they have the people, processes, tools and platforms to integrate and deliver against Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models.
  • Manage the transition and transformation stages effectively, providing clear milestones that allow the business to identify when savings can be realised.
  • Define their approaches to continuous service improvements that deliver value throughout the contract life cycle.
  • Scale to meet global requirements, providing a services mix that incorporates onshore, nearshore or offshore.
  • Integrate their own products and services directly with those of other third parties to create business-focussed solutions directly relevant to the organisation.
  • Share their technology vision, giving an organisation the reassurance and ability to continue to innovate.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, data analytics, mobile, cloud and social are enabling companies to gain greater insight and create a competitive edge. However, in isolation, technologies can achieve little. To succeed at digital transformation organisations, along with their partners, can combine strategic vision with the practical ability to execute and propel innovation forward within the business.

There isn’t any time for businesses to waste pondering the options and watching the marketplace develop. New entrants are already taking advantage of lower barriers to entry, and existing players are extending their reach, using digital technologies to differentiate themselves against the competition.


About the Author

Robin Schlee 150Robin Schlee is Vice President at Verizon Global Integrated Solutions. He leads the global organisation responsible for developing, winning and delivering large integrated IT infrastructure contracts with Verizon’s enterprise customers, including those in the retail, banking, financial services, oil and utilities sectors. He is also responsible for developing Verizon’s outsourcing, integration and managed services value propositions.

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